The Jewels Of The Shrine

'The Jewels Of The Shrine' written by Jemes Ene Henshaw

Cuman mo naro catetan saia buat tugas drama bingung mo naro di mana, mungkin berguna buat adik tinkat nanti. Cuman ni belom selesai, ya. Jadi silahkan dilanjutkan sendiri.

A Resume

In the first scene, the play sets in a mud-walled house at the night. There was an old man who sitting on the bed. His is Okorie, talking to the stranger about the differences about young people giving respect to elderly men in the town and village in this day and the past. Okorie told his problem about his grandsons which have not any respect to him.

Bassi, a beautiful woman of about thirty years, entered the room just before the Stranger exit. Bassi and Okorie have a little chat about the stranger that makes him feel happy. Bassi asked Okorie to take a rest and eat before Okorie’s grandsons, Arob and Ojima, were coming. Okorie and Bassi leave the room after the two grandsons talking bad things to Okorie. Two grandsons are curious on Okorie and Bassi conversation, they were hiding under the bed before Okorie entered the room. Okorie was looking for Bassi to tell a secret. He asked Bassi to make sure that no one is listening to them. He told a secret about Jewels of the Shrine.

He said that the Stranger told him about the real jewels which buried somewhere near the big oak tree on his farm. He asked Bassi to dig up the farm in early morning. Okorie asked her to keep the secret from his grandsons. Bassi left the room to take a sleep while Okorie playing a hoe and try to dig. After a while, Okorie enter his room. Arob and Ojima crawl out from under the bed with pain in their body. They were planning to dig the treasure as soon as possible but Okorie enter the room before they leave. They covered their plan by telling a lies.

The play goes at the following morning in the second scene. Bassi wanted start digging at early morning. Okorie stop her by telling the truth that there were no jewels in the farm. The jewels are buried in the little garden behind the house. Okorie asked Bassi to buy some new clothes because he got a lot of money. After Okorie and Bassi leave, Arob and Ojima crawl out from under the bed. They have been fooled by Okorie. They try to be honest to Okorie for his money. Okorie enter the room, Arob and Ojima gave him a respect.